The Box stems from a partnership between two complementary businesses, Spotti and the Colmanni + Minerva studio, and their desire to create a physical aggregator and incubator of ideas, instruments, materials and services for the design and execution of interiors in the contract furniture sector. A new, hybrid and dynamic space in which the container becomes content, and the content container. The skills and tools provided form an integral part of the space. The container is thus the manifesto of what The Box offers as content.




The Box is situated in a completely renovated space of about 200 sqm located in the heart of Milan, in an 18th century building in the city’s Missori district. The property’s derelict condition meant it had to be subjected to a complete overhaul. Any original architectural element that could be salvaged was restored, in an alternation of contemporary design and period features.

The Box’s premises are a design manifesto and a representation of its know-how. Design, construction, installations, interior décor and outfitting with commercial and tailor-made products: all this converges in a single place; a place that becomes a physical point of reference for those who wish to either share their design needs or offer their experience in the pursuit of a form of synergy that goes beyond the principle of simple professional collaboration.
This makes The Box the ideal container for the work of young artists and for ‘guest’ professionals and design studios.

The Box includes 7 well-defined areas that merge seamlessly into one another. With no doors between them, the people inside – and, more importantly, their ideas – are left free to circulate.

The furniture is mostly designed by Arper, The Box’s main technical partner, and USM; the technical lighting is by Viabizzuno, and the coverings by Kerakoll Home Design and Oikos. All the carpentry and metalwork was designed and produced by The Box. The entire space is managed by a Connex automation system.

Piazza Bertarelli 4,
20122 Milano
T +39 02 36520509
F +39 02 36520521