THE BOX presents Order, Disorder and Chaos

Curated by Davide Fabio Colaci and Simple Flair, Order, Disorder and Chaos involves three young designers asked to interpret each theme
The project represents the second leg of THE BOX’s journey within the culture of design and its applications. After the first event, held in April last year and tied to Paolo Gonzato’s work, THE BOX now proposes a cycle of three new appointments curated by David Fabio Colaci with Simona Flacco and Riccardo Crenna of Simple Flair, in collaboration with Arper.

Order, Disorder and Chaos explores the world of design by asking three emerging designers to interpret contemporary society through these three different themes, highlighting the project’s unique ability to review the complexity and exceptionality of everyday life. Development of the three projects will be actively supported by THE BOX, which will offer its expertise and tools besides being the physical site where the ideas will take shape.

The result of these synergies will be three series of objects, each of which will be presented in a dedicated event and exhibition open to the public. The projects will ultimately become part of a design collection byTHE BOX and represent itscuratorial approach and path.

The first event — Order — will be held on September 13, 2017:the narrative will be further developed in the following months with events dedicated to Disorder and Chaos. The curators chose designer Philippe Tabet for this first theme. French in origin, Philippe has been living and working in Italy for years, where he has developed a silent, incisive research method very similar to the first chapter of the trilogy. His projects speak for him with an attitude typical of people with talent, critical vision and a capacity for research.

When scouting designers, the curators also chose several raiders: protagonists of the design world, philosophers, artists, and critics who will be an active part of the production process, intervening during the design phase with their own critiques to enrich its scope.