This project regarded the renovation of a derelict apartment situated in an 18th Century building in the heart of Milan.

Despite its state of abandon, the original structure appeared to be intact and suggested an intervention of a conservative nature, recovering all period features and integrating them with a few contemporary elements so as to make the unit suitable for a family of five. The nailed parquet floors, with intentionally unfilled cracks, the terrazzo tiles and the cornices of the doors and windows interact with the contemporary outfitting and with small – almost surgical – architectural operations.

These are never an end in themselves, but rather a means of solving technical or construction needs (such as the system of supporting walls that conceal the installations), thus redefining the spaces and favouring a contemporary interpretation of the spirit of the location.

(Photos by Giorgio Possenti)i )

location    Milano
client    Privato
year    2016


Design and execution of construction and installation works, outfitting